The Beginning

How do you let everyone know that you’re starting from scratch again? I can’t be the only person who feels like I’m running in about 100 different directions trying to find my purpose in life. I’ve been racking my brains trying to think of an occupation I could pursue that would combine everything I love into one. Unfortunately, most practical jobs have you just doing one thing day-in and day-out. Am I the only one who isn’t satisfied with that? I can’t be, right?

It’s currently February. The month of my birth, the second month of the year, a month with great promise. It contains birthdays, anniversaries, our beloved Valentine’s Day, and many other personal days for people. For me, February is a fresh start. It’s turning over a new leaf and trying to do what I’ve been too afraid to do for too long.

I’ve had friends suggest starting a food blog in the past after whipping up desserts out of nothing in their kitchen. I’ve had my own photography website before. I glitter in private. I do all of these things that I love and think I’m decent at. What if I shared all of my projects and experiments with the world? Would they listen? Would they maybe even try what I’ve tried? My fear is that every single word I have to say will fall upon deaf ears, unwilling to listen.

I’m on a kick of trying to swallow my fears and teach them who’s boss. The first step in taking over my own life is starting this blog. It will be small and might not get many readers, but it will be mine. And I can share all of my failures, successes, heartbreaks, and goals in one place.

So if I fail, I’ll fail because I tried and not because I was too afraid to even begin.